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The official Seldom Sober t-shirts are here!  Designed in the heart of Boston's Irish community, these charcoal grey Jerzees premium blend ring spun cotton/poly shirts are so soft you'll hate to take yours off at the end of the day.  We will contact you by email to confirm which size you are ordering (Adult S, M, L, XL).  Free shipping to US & Canada.

Size Chart:

Size  Body Length     Chest        Body Width      Sleeve

S           28                    36                18                   16.5

M          29                    40                20                   17.5

L            30                    44                22                   18.5

XL          31                    48                24                   19.5

2XL        32                    52                26                   20.5

CD: Six Months In Confession- Digital Copy


You can purchase a digital copy of the CD at Amazon or other major online seller.

Seldom Sober's CD, Six Months in Confession

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Six Months in Confession


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Order a physical copy of the Six Months in Confession CD direct from Seldom Sober.  Be sure to include a US/Canadian shipping address.  Free shipping applies to US & Canada only.  

CD: Six Months In Confession Liner Notes

Six Months In Confession

Six Months in Confession is the first studio album from Seldom Sober. It was recorded in January of 2019 and released on March 1, 2019.   It was recorded live (no overdubbing), to give it an honest, authentic sound as if you're listening to us in a pub.   Six Months in Confession is receiving radio play from Boston to New Zealand and has been listened to by people across five continents in over 15 countries.

Track 1: As I Roved Out: This is a traditional song about a tryst between a traveling soldier and a young maiden and features a rollicking traditional reel called The Musical Priest.

Track 2: Reels: Three reels are featured in this tune set; a traditional tune sandwiched by two modern compositions.

Track 3: I Useta Love Her: A classic hit from the Saw Doctors, featuring several hilarious lines including the title of the CD.

Track 4: Hornpipes: This tune set starts off mild with the traditional tune Across the Fence before launching into Ron Kavana's distinctly modern Handcuffs. The set finishing with a lightning fast version of the finger twisting Harvest Home.

Track 5: Raggle Taggle Gypsy: This track starts with the slow gypsy sound of King of the Fairies before launching into one of the best traditional songs ever written, which asks you to consider whether one should choose love over money or money over love. At the end, Seldom Sober breaks with tradition and concludes with an up-tempo version of King of the Fairies, which is traditionally a slow air.

Track 6: Can't Help Falling in Love: If you're familiar with the band Lick the Tins, you know that this Elvis hit sounds best with an up-tempo Irish twist and paired with two mighty polkas.

Track 7: Dancing at Whitsun: In England, the traditional Morris folk dancing was traditionally done by men in rural areas until the rural male population was decimated in World War I. This touching and heartfelt song describes how the women who were left behind took up the tradition of Morris dancing in honor of the men who were lost.

Track 8: Jigs: Two unusual jigs are paired together. Each jig has 4 parts, instead of the standard 2-3, and each changes key from modal/minor to major. This is not your standard jig set.

Track 9: The Foggy Dew: Michael's arrangement of this classic song about the Easter Rising of 1916 is one of the best you'll hear and will make your heart pump faster.

Track 10: Reels: Maggie's Pancakes was written in honor of a woman named Maggie whose pancakes were so amazing that they deserved to have a tune named for them. This tune, the second reel in the set, is one of the best you'll ever hear.

Track 11: Home Boys Home: Another song about a tryst, this time between an innocent maiden and a sailor who arises in the morning and fears he may have left something behind.

Track 12: Jigs: Seldom Sober refers to this as the Jigs for Jesus set. If you want to hear the funny story behind that, pop in to one of their shows. The third jig is The Coleraine, a harmonic minor tune that packs a punch.

Track 13: The Ferryman: This is Pete St. John's classic song of hope, love, and changing with the times paired with a breakneck fiddle tune. 

Seldom Sober's CD Six Months in Confession.

Seldom Sober's CD Six Months in Confession.

Seldom Sober Hats

Seldom Sober Hats $15

Our hats are made of soft cotton twill and produced right here in Savannah.  Due to shipping issues, hats are only available at Seldom Sober shows.