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About Seldom Sober

Colleen Settle

Coleen playing fiddle

Colleen hails from the New York area and moved to Savannah in 2006.  She lends her talents with fiddle and vocals to Seldom Sober.  Colleen began playing Irish music professionally in 1978 and was a protégé of notable New York area fiddlers Maureen Glynn and Rose Flanagan.  Colleen's influences include Eileen Ivers and Frankie Gavin.  Before joining Michael to form Seldom Sober, Colleen played with Liscune in the New York area.   

Seldom Sober


Seldom Sober was formed in Savannah in 2007 by Michael Corbett and Colleen Settle, who first began playing together in 2006.  Colleen and Michael were also part of the Savannah Ceili Band from 2007-2019 and have performed at festivals, theaters, pubs, parties, weddings, and other events throughout the lowcountry.  Seldom Sober has twice performed as the opening band for Derek Warfield and The Young Wolfe Tones, and their music has been featured on WGPB Radio's Morning Edition, radio shows as far away as New Zealand, and the Love Letters podcast from the Boston Globe and PRX (S2,E5).  

Michael Corbett

Michael at Camden Irishfest

Michael is a Bostonian who moved to Savannah in 2005.  He plays acoustic guitar and is the lead singer and frontman for Seldom Sober.  Michael has been performing Irish music professionally since 1995 and has been mentored by some of the finest Irish folk musicians of the twentieth century, including Robbie O'Connell and the legendary Liam Clancy.   Michael is influenced by a variety of Irish and American folk musicians from Pete Seeger to Bill Staines.  Prior to teaming up with Colleen for Seldom Sober he played in several Irish bands and appeared as a solo act.  He has opened for Robbie O'Connell and Aoife Clancy.

Past Performances

Festivals & Major Events


Opened for Derek Warfield & The Young
Wolfe Tones (2007 & 2008)
Tybee Post Theater (2016*)
Lowcountry Irish Festival (2017*, 2018, 2019*)
Savannah Irish Festival (2007-Present*)
Savannah Tara Feis (2009, 2016*,  2017)
Savannah Scottish Games (2009-2011*, 2017*)  Savannah Folk Festival (2008*, 2009*, 2015*)
Beaufort Irish Festival (2014*)
Gray's Reef Ocean Film Festival (2008*)
Gaels of Irish Music, Statesboro, GA (2008)
Tybee Island Music Festivals, (2008* & 2010*)  Darien Scottish Heritage Festival (2012*)

Swamp Hippie Festival (2017*)  

First Friday For Folk Music, Savannah (2007-2019*)
Darien Fall Fest (2018*) 


Camden Irishfest 2019

Kevin Barry's, Savannah
Murphy's Law, Savannah
Molly MacPherson's, Savannah
Katie O'Donald's, Bluffton, SC 

O'Hara's Pub, Lexington, SC  

Fia Rua, Richmond Hill, GA
Doc's Bar, Tybee Island, GA* 

Georgia Beer Co., Valdosta, GA

Commonhouse Aleworks, No. Charleston, SC*

 *Appeared as part of the Savannah Ceili Band 

Other Venues

Colleen at Fia Rua Pub

River St. International Marketplace, Savannah*
Savannah Parade Grand Marshall's Breakfast*  

Sea Pines Country Club, Hilton Head, SC  

Ardsley Park Neighborhood, Savannah
Daughters of Ireland Auction Dinner*  

Trinity Methodist Church, Savannah*  

Ships of the Sea Museum, Savannah*  

Darien Historical Event, Darien, GA*  

Savannah Yacht Club, Savannah*  

The Sentient Bean, Savannah*  

Sun City, Bluffton, SC
Weddings/Private Parties/Corporate Events/

Nursing Homes And More 



Colleen and Michael at Kevin Barry's Pub April, 2019

2019-2020 Performances


Note:  We may be available to play more than one event on the same day.  If interested in booking a date that is already booked, please call to see what is possible.


Upcoming 2019 Performances

July 20, 2019 

Fia Rua Pub     

7:30-10:30 PM     

July 28, 2019
Kevin Barry's Pub     
8:30 PM    

August 5, 2019
Kevin Barry's Pub    
8:00 PM  

August 10, 2019 

Fia Rua Pub     

7:30-10:30 PM   

August 11, 2019
Kevin Barry's Pub    
8:30 PM    

August 12, 2019
Kevin Barry's Pub    
8:00 PM   

August 18, 2019
Kevin Barry's Pub     
8:00 PM    

August 25, 2019 

Fia Rua Pub     


September 6, 2019 

O'Hara's Pub

Lexington, SC    

7:00-10:00 PM  

October 4, 2019 (Michael with Johnnie Kennedy on bass)

First Friday for Folk Music  

7:30 PM 

October 6, 2019 

Kevin Barry's Pub      

8:30 PM     

October 7, 2019 

Kevin Barry's Pub      

8:00 PM    

October 20, 2019
Kevin Barry's Pub    
8:30 PM

October 27, 2019
Kevin Barry's Pub    
8:30 PM  

November 15, 2019 

O'Hara's Pub

Lexington, SC    

7:00-10:00 PM    

December 15, 2019

Private Party

Sun City, SC  

December 15, 2019
Kevin Barry's Pub    

8:30 PM  

2020 Performances

February, 2020 (Seldom Sober with Johnnie Kennedy on bass)

First Friday for Folk Music  

7:30 PM 

March 6-7, 2020 

Irish Fest Camden
Camden, SC

March 22, 2020 

Unitarian Universalist Church
Savannah, GA  

Colleen and Michael also play at the weekly Irish session at  Kevin Barry's nearly every Sunday night from 6:30-8:30 

Seldom Sober- Six Months in Confession


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Six Months in Confession: Liner Notes

Six Months in Confession

Six Months in Confession is the first studio album from Seldom Sober. It was recorded in January of 2019 and released on March 1, 2019.   It was recorded live (no overdubbing), to give it an honest, authentic sound as if you're listening to us in a pub. 

Track 1: As I Roved Out: This is a traditional song about a tryst between a traveling soldier and a young maiden and features a rollicking traditional reel called The Musical Priest.

Track 2: Reels: Three reels are featured in this tune set; a traditional tune sandwiched by two modern compositions.

Track 3: I Useta Love Her: A classic hit from the Saw Doctors, featuring several hilarious lines including the title of the CD.

Track 4: Hornpipes: This tune set starts off mild with the traditional tune Across the Fence before launching into Ron Kavana's distinctly modern Handcuffs. The set finishing with a lightning fast version of the finger twisting Harvest Home.

Track 5: Raggle Taggle Gypsy: This track starts with the slow gypsy sound of King of the Fairies before launching into one of the best traditional songs ever written, which asks you to consider whether one should choose love over money or money over love. At the end, Seldom Sober breaks with tradition and concludes with an up-tempo version of King of the Fairies, which is traditionally a slow air.

Track 6: Can't Help Falling in Love: If you're familiar with the band Lick the Tins, you know that this Elvis hit sounds best with an up-tempo Irish twist and paired with two mighty polkas.

Track 7: Dancing at Whitsun: In England, the traditional Morris folk dancing was traditionally done by men in rural areas until the rural male population was decimated in World War I. This touching and heartfelt song describes how the women who were left behind took up the tradition of Morris dancing in honor of the men who were lost.

Track 8: Jigs: Two unusual jigs are paired together. Each jig has 4 parts, instead of the standard 2-3, and each changes key from modal/minor to major. This is not your standard jig set.

Track 9: The Foggy Dew: Michael's arrangement of this classic song about the Easter Rising of 1916 is one of the best you'll hear and will make your heart pump faster.

Track 10: Reels: Maggie's Pancakes was written in honor of a woman named Maggie whose pancakes were so amazing that they deserved to have a tune named for them. This tune, the second reel in the set, is one of the best you'll ever hear.

Track 11: Home Boys Home: Another song about a tryst, this time between an innocent maiden and a sailor who arises in the morning and fears he may have left something behind.

Track 12: Jigs: Seldom Sober refers to this as the Jigs for Jesus set. If you want to hear the funny story behind that, pop in to one of their shows. The third jig is The Coleraine, a harmonic minor tune that packs a punch.

Track 13: The Ferryman: This is Pete St. John's classic song of hope, love, and changing with the times paired with a breakneck fiddle tune. 


Svannah Ceili Band

SCB 2007-2019

The Savannah Ceili Band was formed in 2007 as an amateur band to promote Irish music and culture in the Savannah area, but they became so popular that they soon became a professional band.  During their time together they performed at festivals, pubs, parties, dances, and weddings throughout the lowcountry and amassed quite a following.  The core members were Michael Corbett, Colleen Settle, Jerry Stenger, Dan O'Connell, and Jim Quigley, though Shannon Wichers, Chris Hagan, Ryan McMaken, and Lucy Arntsen all appeared with the band at various points.  The Savannah Ceili Band retired on March 10, 2019, but all of its members can still be found making great music in the lowcountry. 


Video: Seldom Sober

Fia Rua Irish Pub, March 2019: As I Roved Out/The Musical Priest

Video: Seldom Sober

Fia Rua Irish Pub, March 2019: Raggle Taggle Gypsy/King of the Fairies

Video: Seldom Sober

Fia Rua Irish Pub, March 2019: Can't Help Falling In Love/Polkas

Video: Seldom Sober

Fia Rua Irish Pub, March 2019: Jigs- Humours of Ballyloughlin/The Knocknagow

Video: Seldom Sober

Pub Music With an Irish Twist: Sweet Caroline/American Girl/The Mason's Apron

Celtic Traditions

WRUU FM 107.5

Celtic Traditions is an Irish music radio show that airs every Saturday morning from 8-9 AM on WRUU radio.  You can listen online at or, if you're in Savannah, on 107.5 FM.  Celtic Traditions was originally produced by WERS in Boston in the 1990's and found a new home in Savannah starting in January, 2019.  

Celtic Traditions Episode 1

Celtic Traditions with Michael Corbett on WRUU radio.  Episode 1

Celtic Traditions Episode 7- The Clancy Family

Celtic Traditions honors members of the legendary Clancy family.

Celtic Traditions Episode 11

Aired March 30, 2019

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